Who We Serve

Payment Gateways

Deliver the best payments experience for your ISVs, ISOs, merchants, and their small business customers.

The Problem

How to be a single source of payments offerings, all seamlessly integrated for your customers.

The GrailPay Solution at a Glance

Full Range of B2B Payments Products

Your customers are demanding the full range of B2B payments products and payment gateways are the backbone of this ecosystem. Since GrailPay can sit in the existing flow of funds of your existing ACH integrations, it will enhance your relationships with your ISV and ISO clients by offering them payments products designed to retain and monetize B2B payments.

Augment Existing Payment Offerings

GrailPay can augment your existing payment offerings no matter your ACH integration configuration because GrailPay can settle payments directly to payment gateways, enabling reconciled settlement to merchants.

99% of B2B payments are non-card.
Build a monetization strategy on this volume with GrailPay.