Data Portability Technology

We’re building the first data network that moves financial data securely between payments companies, lenders, banks, and software providers so small business can manage their payments effortlessly.

B2B payments today are disparate and unconnected. There is no unified data network connecting small businesses and the payments and software tools they use to manage their payments. GrailPay is the payments network designed to help our customers power SMBs to make payments effortless with easy access to financial data such as accounting data, business data, bureau data, lending history and payments history.

This data portability technology is one part of the Modern B2B Money Movement solution from GrailPay.

Main benefits:

Single sign-on

GrailPay allows a small business to securely single sign-on to access their data across multiple providers empowering them manage their business efficiently.

Effortless data access

Eliminate the data silos presented by using multiple providers and have one account that has all the data a small business needs for payments, underwriting, and authentication

Underwriting profile

GrailPay allows the secure movement of small business profile data to the various stakeholders that may need to access business data. Never again does accounting and accounts payable only have partial access to the data they need to function.