Who We Serve

Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs)​

Deliver the best payments experience for your merchants and their customers across B2B payments. Capture previously unmonetizable volume and turn it into a competitive edge.

The Problem

How to offer new B2B payments solutions in a complex, competitive, and a tough to monetize environment.

GrailPay Solution at a Glance

Simplify B2B Payments

B2B payments are the next big opportunity for ISOs but are complicated. GrailPay simplifies B2B payments by offering the full suite of solutions necessary for you to monetize on your existing relationships in B2B.

Effortless Integration

GrailPay will integrate to your gateway so you don’t have to do any integration work. This effortless integration allows you to include GrailPay for new residual income on top of ACH payments. Plus, GrailPay, will support you with product marketing tools designed for small businesses.

99% of B2B payments are non-card.
Build a monetization strategy on this volume with GrailPay.