Who We Serve

Payment Processors

Our suite of scalable B2B payments solutions provides the next generation platform for monetization, B2B payment processing, and risk management.

The Problem

How to build credit and balance sheet intensive products for the modern, digital B2B payments ecosystem.

The GrailPay Solution at a Glance

GrailPay orchestrates everything, end-to-end, with our modular B2B payments solutions.

Managing data and credit risk insights into small businesses requires a modern, innovative approach to payments and cashflow.

Added Revenue Opportunities

GrailPay lets you add revenue opportunities to your existing ACH processing with short-term financing, guaranteed ACH, real-time payments, and enhanced data & predictive analytics. GrailPay takes the friction out of offering new financial products to your customers because GrailPay powers seamless pre-approval for additional products with GrailPay’s Account Validation solution.

Pre-funded Accounts

To ensure a superior user experience, GrailPay will pre-fund accounts so financing and guaranteed ACH can sit in your existing flow of funds. More than that, never take on risk from financed or guaranteed transactions because GrailPay takes on the risk for you. Offer ISVs and ISOs a competitive advantage and allow them to capture more small businesses with competitive payments offerings presented by GrailPay.

99% of B2B payments are non-card.
Build a monetization strategy on this volume with GrailPay.