The Modern B2B

Money Movement Solution



Advanced Authentication.

We handle the complexity of money movement and account verification so you can monetize non-card B2B payments.

GrailPay At A Glance

Comprehensive Infrastructure

The industry's most comprehensive infrastructure for payment processing and small business financing.

Zero Fraud Risk

Zero fraud risk exposure for guaranteed payments.

Operational Excellence

Speed up collections and reduce administrative costs for SMBs. Operational excellence with industry-leading technology to validate bank accounts and ACH transactions seamlessly.

Revenue-Generating Products

GrailPay partners can offer their customers revenue-generating products that enhance small business cash flow, driving monetization and retention over existing payments volume.

Combining smart payment solutions to be the most flexible online payment processing service, GrailPay will help your company improve its payment acceptance, settlement, and monetization of B2B payments.

Solutions that make money movement profitable and easier for small businesses.

What We Do

We handle the complexity of money movement and account verification
so you can monetize non-card B2B payments.

B2B Payments

GrailPay intelligently routes transactions through the best ACH type for your use case, whether it's same-day ACH or restricting debits to business bank accounts, GrailPay has your ACH use case covered.

Short-Term Financing

GrailPay instantly approves up to 90 days of credit (up to $350k) for SMBs at no risk to our partner. Our financing SDK can sit in your existing ACH processing flow of funds, or we can orchestrate money movement start to finish for you.

Data and Analytics

GrailPay’s advanced data and analytics creates a seamless user experience for account validation while powering innovative cashflow assessment features to improve revenue.

The GrailPay Difference

Earn revenue on your existing ACH volume

With GrailPay, you can integrate with our APIs and out-of-the-box SDKs to embed products that frees SMB cashflow for your customers.

Why our partners love GrailPay

With GrailPay, you can offer value-added products for your existing B2B payments customers and turn ACH into a competitive advantage.

Win more deals

Offer additional value to your SMBs over ACH volume.

Increase revenue

Turn ACH from cannibalization into profit.

One provider

The full non-card monetization stack.

Flexible payments

GrailPay sits in your existing flow of funds and workflows.

Turn B2B payments into a
competitive advantage

Direct API Integration

Embed GrailPay’s infrastructure directly in your existing payment flows.

World-Class SDKs

Access our world-class SDKs for speedy implementation.