The win-win payment solution.

No matter the size of your business, we put you and your shoppers first.

Rewarding experience

Tap into the shopper base who value savings at checkout.



& reward customers

Untapped shoppers base

130 million Americans don't have rewards credit cards. It’s time to reward them.


130 Million


Most affordable

Save margin and fuel rewards with GrailPay’s flat rate for every transaction 0.95% + $0.20 vs. 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction on traditional payments.

Flat rate

0.95% + $0.20

per transaction

Seamless integration

Be up and running in minutes with one of our platform plugins (no code) or direct to API.

Just Plug & Play

Be up and running minutes

Retain precious margin and offer what shoppers value: savings.

  • Integrate

    Add the GrailPay button to checkout 
(No coding needed)

  • Manage

    Receive a world-class payments dashboard

  • Reward

    Dynamically offer savings & promotions


Simplified to power your business.

0.95% + $0.20

Per transaction

  • No integration expense
  • Powerful business dashboard
  • World-class support

Looking for a Custom Integration or Volume Pricing?

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Seamless payment

Ultra-fast checkout experience


Super low cost

Process payments at 0.95% + $0.20


Dispute resolution

Easily manage returns through GrailPay's dashboard


Fraud mitigation

World-class anti-fraud suite fights bad actors


Shopper savings

Empower an untapped shopper base through savings

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help.

GrailPay is a new way for you to pay directly from your bank accounts at checkout. Instead of using the card networks (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover) which are often ridden with fraud (bad actors can steal your card number), you can use the secure, easy, and rewarding pay by bank alternative.

Link your bank account once then all you need to use GrailPay is your phone number thereafter!

There is no need to create a username and password when you shop at a GrailPay partner merchant.

All we need is your name, cell phone number, email and a linked bank account of your choice.

No need to dig up account or routing numbers, all you need to do for your bank account link is login.

The first time you shop and link your bank account, we remember your info. The next time you pay-by-bank using GrailPay, at a merchant, all you need is your phone number for us to send an OTP (one-time passcode). Once you enter your passcode all you have to do is confirm your order and you're all set!

Instant Cashback is GrailPay's way of rewarding the shopper when they pay with GrailPay at checkout.

Instant Cashback serves as a discount on GrailPay transactions which translate to free money back in your wallet – instantly.

No points, no gift cards, just cash, back in your pocket.

For example, on a $100 purchase with 5% Instant Cashback, you'll only pay $95!

No! GrailPay moves money via ACH which is free to shoppers.

GrailPay makes money by charging merchants a small fee on every transaction. This fee is much lower than any other payment method (sometimes 75% less!) so paying with GrailPay is the best way to support your favorite businesses.